Friday, January 28, 2022

a gift from hugh

i just woke up from a dream 

about our warehouse

on terpsichore street

parker's and mine


it was just the same 

as all my terpsichore dreams 

except this time

parker was there

i woke up panting


like i just had a baby

my body loose

i told parker 

it's how i remember it

he said no, it's not. look outside. 

i saw trees, a swamp encroaching

i started crying 

he put his arms around me 

i put my arms up and around 

his wide, long back

he pulled them down

did you ever love me? 

lydia says you never loved me

he didn't answer

i woke up panting, exhausted

as though i'd delivered a baby

as though my labor was over

like id been swept away by a hurricane

what's happening to me?

am i dying?